In the area north of Treviso opens a green landscape of rolling hills and steep slopes, covered by sunny vineyards. It is here that run the oldest roads of wine, the “Strada del Prosecco and Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene”, which in its itinerary touches ancient castles and churches, aristocratic villas of the Serenissima, medieval churches, monasteries and hot springs. These small villages and hills enshrine natural, artistic and architectural treasures to be discovered at the slow rhythm of a place that has maintained the bond with the land and with agricultural traditions.

It is from Conegliano, with its graceful arcades of Contrada Grande and the beautiful Cathedral, that the the Wine Route departs, with its 120 kilometers that wind through the hills of Valdobbiadene, offering the visitor landscapes and views of great beauty. The next stop is the Villa Ghetti Montalban in Collalbrigo dating back to the 18th century, and then we reach the Romanesque church of San Pietro di Feletto.

Crossing Refrontolo, you will get to the charming village of Molinetto Croda with Villa Brandolini, and to Soligo with the small church of Santa Maria Nuova, hosting ancient frescoes. Don’t miss the Lombard Credazzo Towers in Col San Martino, and the nearby church of San Virgilio, then continue north through the ancient huts up to the hill of Cartizze. The final destination is Villa dei Cedri in Valdobbiadene, home to the Italian Sparkling Wines Forum.


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